Serger vs Sewing Machine: Know the Difference between These Machines Which one is best?

Serger vs Sewing Machine

Nowadays there are different types of machines that you will get to see which are meant for sewing as well as for hemming purposes. So, if you are doing stitching work at a larger scale, you will need to understand the difference between the two machines. Each machine is different as each part has its function. Thus, appreciate all the things that are required to operate the device in the best possible manner. One cannot judge which one is the best as there are doing different functions like a machine. By reading the review, you will be able to understand the importance of each device correctly. Learn what a serger machine is? And then start to use the same.

Key Features Are Mentioned Below

  1. If you are willing to look at the power of both these machines, it is almost similar. You will also be eager to know which machine is light in weight then there is no much difference in that as well. To gain knowledge about the material that is used to make the machine, you will need to read the article that is used. As far as durability factor is concerned, there is no doubt that both are good and this is the reason lots of orders are placed almost daily.
  2. Both these machines are operated with a battery, and few are run on electricity as well. So, it is the personal choice of the customer to see which one he or she prefers to buy. After all, you are spending your hard earned money, so you need to understand all the things about these machines correctly.
  3. The main difference between serger and sewing machine is that the sewing machine can only be used to stitch any garment whereas the serger is the machine that is used to do hemming and edging. If the clothing is the one that you would like to give a good finish, then hemming is a must, and this can be done by serger only. The simple sewing machine is just meant for stitching and nothing else. So, understand the difference between the two and buy the one that you need the most. But if you are into sewing of many garments and your customers are fussy then you will need to have both.
  4. Some machines only play the role of serger machine, but many machines are sold in the market the functions both as a serger as well as a sewing machine. But in this, there are very few brands that do it, and for this, you will have to do a proper search to find out the brand that sells it. In sewing machine basically, one need and one thread are used, but this is not the case in the serger. In serger, there are three to four threads that are used and three to four needles respectively. It is upon the person stitching to decide which color thread he or she wishes to use.
  5. A good tailor or a fashion designer will have both the machines as he or she will be aware of the functions of each device. Those thinking that can a serger replace a sewing machine then the answer is no. The features of both are different, and it is essential to understand the same. Try to fully understand the functions so that you are aware of the way each one will help.

What is a Serger Machine

You will never be able to know the exact difference if you will not see it and if you will not use it. Thus, to understand the function of each machine fully, you need to either watch videos or see the person who is working on the same. In both the device the way the threads are managed and arranged plays a vital role in learning the way it is done. If one step is missed out, you will not be able to operate the same. The loop needs to be appropriately placed in both the machines and the thread that you use needs to be of good quality. If the thread that is used is not of good quality, it might break in between, and you will not get complete satisfaction of completing the garment. Thus, choosing a good quality thread is also a must.

Final Count

The final count is that both are machines will different types of utilities so you will need to have both to give that required finished look to any garment.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the sewing machine are that it will help you to stitch the garment in the best possible manner. The cons of the sewing machine are that it cannot do hemming and edging effectively as the serger does. The sewing machine cannot do hemming at all. The pros of a serger machine are that it does the best hemming, edging and seaming and the life of the sewed garment increases while cons of the serger machine are that it does not help in stitching the garment and cannot be used for this purpose.

Final Verdict

The final say is that both are equally good machines and you can quickly learn the way it is operated after reading the manual. You will get both sergers as well as a sewing machine that is produced by electricity. The best part about both these machines is that at just a single click of a button the work will be completed. You will be saving a lot of time, and the work will also be done with perfection. You can even compare the rates of these before you place an order for the same. Thus, it is clear that serger cannot do the work of sewing and sewing machine not do the job of serger like hemming, seaming and edging, etc. You need to have both to cater to the fullest to your customer. 

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