Learn the Right Way and Understand How to Do a Cover stitch On a Serger

How to Do a Cover stitch On a Serger

You will come across many types of machines when you are into the field of fashion designing or if you are a full-time tailor. Those who are having big boutique will always want to explore and see which machine is the best for them. They can always look forward and get the best serger machine. There are different brands under which you will get to see these machines, so it is upon you to decide which one to go for.

Serger Machine: Good for Hemming and Edging

There are many things that you will be able to do with this fantastic machine. Try to understand the facilities that are offered and based on that you can proceed further and place the order for the same. All the work that used to be completed in hours will get completed very soon and within no time. Many laws are placed, and this shows that more and more and more people have started to like it. Thus, you also need not to delay after you have understood the worth of this useful machine as a whole. The rate of each machine is already mentioned below each machine, and it might vary based on the machine that you will pick.

Can I Do a Coverstitch On My Serger

Make Full Use of This Fantastic Machine

If you are interested in learning the way this machine is used you can read the instruction manual and learn the proper way to use the same. If you are seeking to understand can I do a cover stitch on my serger? The answer to this question is yes. All the instructions from the starting are mentioned in the booklet, so you can always read it and understand the function of each part and the way it is operated. Once you learn the instructions, you will be able to know the proper way to use it.

What Is the Difference between a Serger and a Cover stitch Machine?

There is not much difference, and when you learn it, you will surely understand the difference between the two. The cover stitch machine is the one that is similar to the serger machine. There are many brands in which after doing a few alterations you can surely turn the serger machine into the cover stitch machine. Thus, try to read the booklet where you will come across information about this conversion. The cover stitch machine will always have a good looper similar to the serger, but the cover stitch will not have any blade that is present in the serger. In cover stitch machine you can easily do the knit hemming as well as chain stitching both. In Serger there have four threads are the ones that are readily convertible into the cover stitch machine.

In cover stitch machine you can use either one, two, three or more threads and that mainly depends on the user. In cover stitch machine three needles and the one on the left is adjusted at the highest level, the one in the right at the lowest level and middle one in between the heights of both the left and right needles. Few other alterations need to be done in the serger machine to convert the same into a serger machine.

You can select an interesting thread and see the effect it creates. Thus, one can say that a good tailor, fashion designer and those who are into stitching business needs to understand the importance of a serger as well as cover stitch machine both. Both are equally important, and the functions are also different. The garments when stitches and the hemming are adequately done will undoubtedly increase its life and for this right machine is a must. The most important thing is the machine also needs proper care and attention. So, it is essential that you do oil regularly. If the oiling is routinely done, it will increase its life, and the machine will function properly for many years.

Many models are available in serger as well as cover stitch machine so you can pick the one that is of reputed one. One needs to remember that if the machine is of a good brand and is looked after correctly the work will be done fast and a lot of time will be saved. So, do not go for those cheaper machines and take proper care of it by oiling it and cleaning it to increase its lifespan. Once you start to use it, you will like it so much that you will also refer it to others as well. Share your thoughts if you want in the form of reviews so that others can read it and know more about it and its uses as well. 

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