JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Review

Juki Serger Review

JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: JUKI MO654DE




Price Range

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Convenient to clean

What We Don't Like

  • Not suitable for thick fabric
  • Offers limited accessories

The Juki serger machines are quite popular because of their performance and versatility, and the Juki MO654DE is no exception. This serger machine works on a wide range of fabrics such as satin, thick material, cotton, and stretchy knits. This machine comes with a low price tag and offers many productive features. This machine operates at 1500 stitches per minute and is one of the fastest serger machines available in the market. This machine produces consistent quality stitches, and according to a particular Juki Serger review, this serger machine is the ideal choice for the beginners as well as professionals. The Juki MO654DE is an excellent choice for beginners or individuals who want to set-up their own small businesses.

Who is this Product For?

The Juki MO654DE is an excellent serger machine which had just started sewing and also for those who have a restricted budget. This machine is stable and does not swing when stitching, so it works well for the beginners. This serger machine has color-coded threading, and because of this feature, the sewers can efficiently work without any confusion.

This machine also works well for those who are well-versed with sewing as it gives a professional touch to your crafts. The professionals can enhance their work as it delivers impressive results. This machine offers 2-3-4 thread options, and thus it can be personalized to suit your need. This serger machine can let the sewer create their best craft work anywhere as it is quite portable.

What is Included In the Serger Machine?

  • This serger machine has a snap-on presser foot.
  • The Juki MO654DE serger has color-coded threading options available.
  • It also has disengaging loopers, and this makes it easier for the sewers to do threading faster.
  • This serger machine has a powerful knife system.
  • This machine has built-in rolled hemming and 2-3-4 thread options.
  • It has an industrial tension system and an industrial cutting system
  • This machine a micro safety switch.
  • It also has a sewing gauge built-in and a differential feed.

Overview of Features

Juki Serger Reviews

Let’s throw some light on the advanced features of the Juki Serger machine.

  • Automatic Rolled Hem

This serger machine has an automatically rolled hem, and it turns the edge of the fabric itself to hide the sides of the fabric. The rolled hem has two modes, and the first mode allows rolling at the end of the hem whereas, the second mode provides to overlock stitch as it will enable for durability. The automatic hem offers a neat edge for any fabric.

  • Color-Coded Threading Option

The Juki MO654DE serger has color-coded stitch length options available, and it is beneficial if you are a beginner. It ensures that the user opts for the correct thread and avoids selecting a wrong thread as it can ruin your entire sewing project.

  • Differential Feed

The differential feed is another fantastic feature of this serger machine. It is beneficial for stretchy and thin fabrics in the case when they get pulled out of shape. It alters the tightness of the fabric as it gets stitched with this serger machine.

  • Adjustable Length

The Juki MO654DE serger’s other feature is adjustment dials, and it is the easiest way to manage each stitch.

  • The Knife System

This serger machine has a powerful knife system, and it offers consistent stitching. It has a moveable upper knife for the safety of the user, and its mechanism is simple. The user will not face any problem while using this feature. The knife system of this machine will make the cut of the fabric clean every time you use this serger.

  • Built-in Tape Guide

The Juki MO654DE serger has a phenomenal presser foot, which has a built-in tape guide. It helps the sewer sew seams in stretchy fabrics with ease. This feature prevents the fabric from ruining its shape while stitching.

  • Instructional DVD

This serger machine comes with an instructional DVD and makes sure that its users do not waste their time on learning how to operate the serger machine. The instructional DVD guides you on how to operate the machine and enlighten you about its features. The instructions in the DVD and manual are exact and straightforward, and it will help you avoid making mistakes and make the entire process easy.

What Do We Like About The Juki MO654DE Serger Machine?

The best part about this serger machine is that it is lightweight and portable. It does not require much space so if you have a little room; then it is the right pick for you. Another thing that we like about the Juki MO654DE serger is that it is very convenient to clean it. The user can easily squeeze their hand in the machine and clean it with a little brush. Its motor does not make noise as compared to other machines available in the market.

This serger machine has an automated rolling hem stitch feature which includes adjustments for a wide range of feed lengths and stitching options. It also has a multi-purpose foot, which gives the perfect finishing and a professional touch to your craft. This serger machine is user-friendly, and if you have just started sewing, then it is just perfect for you as you can master it much faster.

What We Don’t Like About the Juki MO654DE Serger Machine?

The thing that we don’t like about the Juki MO654DE serger machine is that it does not give a perfect finishing on thick fabric. Another thing that we did not like about this machine is that it does not come with many accessories.

How to Use Juki Serger?

Firstly, you need to disengage the knife and turn off the machine. Then, you can follow the color codes to put your threads in the upper and lower loopers. You have to bring the thread down to the tension dial and follow all the steps that are involved in the thread guide path. You can also use tweezers to put the thread into the small holes. If you find it hard to follow the steps on your own, you can also follow the instructional manual, and that will surely make things much easier for you.

Final Verdict

The Juki MO654DE is a powerful machine which offers an array of features and allows the sewers to get their work done efficiently. This is just the right machine if you want to amp your sewing projects to a professional level. It is hard to deny the fact that its configurations and useful features make it stand out in the market. This serger machine is fast and operates 1500 stitches per minute. It is faster than any serger machine available in the market.

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