How to Thread a Needle on a Sewing Machine?

How to Thread a Needle on A Sewing Machine

Have you just started using the sewing machine, then you must know that you will have to thread a machine? It can be a little difficult in the beginning, but if you know the right trick then you are good to go. If you want to learn how to thread a needle on a sewing machine or string a sewing machine, or want to know the best cheap sewing machine, then continue reading the blog as we have elaborated the procedure into simple steps.

To help you get started with how to thread a needle on a sewing machine, we have mentioned below the steps:

 Thread A Singer Simple Sewing Machine


  • Winding the Bobbin Carefully

Most of you already must know how essential it is to place the thread spool carefully on the top of the machine. Don’t forget to turn the spool as it ensures that the thread is released anti-clockwise. This is the first step of threading a needle to ensure that you do it carefully.

  • Thread the Machine

Make certain that you thread a machine only when it is off for your own safety. This is the second step and you just need to loop the thread downwards and hold the thread to ensure you have placed it with the tension discs. The next step is to move the lever and turn the hand wheel on the side. The user can now draw the thread a singer simple sewing machine if they are using a singer machine.

  • Thread the Needle Cautiously

Ensure that you thread the needle cautiously. You just need to pull the thread out and place it on the top of the machine and around the tension disc too. You will find the bobbin winding tension disc just above the needle. In some sewing machines, you will also find a small wire which will be attached to the disc. It helps the sewer to hold the thread firmly and in the right place.

  • Thread Around the Bobbin

The next step is very simple; all you need to do is insert the thread in one of the holes around the bobbin. Make sure you move around the thread at least five times around the bobbin to secure the thread’s position. If you are not comfortable with doing this step, then you will find a wide range of sewing machines available in the market which has pre-threaded bobbin options

  • Place the Bobbin Pin

Once you thread around the bobbin, the next step is to place the bobbin pin cautiously. The pin is too small, so read the manual to find it. In most variants, it is located on the top of the sewing machine. When you will slide the bobbin pin, you will hear the sound of the bobbin pin.

  • Begin Winding the Winder

You have to wind the bobbin for just a few seconds and push it downwards on the foot pedal. Once you start winding, it will make sure that the thread is wrapped perfectly around the bobbin. Make certain that you do at least five to six rotations and once you have wrapped it, then remove the extra thread out of the bobbin.

  • Complete Winding the Bobbin Smoothly

Ensure that you complete winding the bobbin smoothly. The sewer needs to apply pressure to the pedal. After you flip the winder back, you can be rest assured to fill the bobbin with a thread. In some variants of the sewing machine, the winder stops on its own once the bobbin is full with the thread, but in some models of the machine, the sewer has to stop it on its own. You will find a wide range of sewing machines available in the market, the working of the machine is almost the same for any variant. Don’t forget to read the instructions manual properly as it will help you get started with the machine.

Threading a sewing machine is a simple task if you know how to do it. With the help of a few useful tricks, the sewer can thread the machine in just a few seconds. Without threading the sewing machine, a sewer cannot start using the machine, so make sure you learn all the techniques before getting that perfect stitch on your garment.

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