Brother 1034d Serger Reviews

Brother 1034d Serger Reviews

Brother 1034d Serger: QUICK OVERVIEW

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Price Range

What We Like

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Can create professional clothing

What We Don't Like

  • Noisy
  • Not suitable for thick materials

Do you want a serger machine that is easy to operate and set-up? Are you looking for a cost-effective serger that gives a professional touch to your work? If your answer is merely a yes, then certainly you should invest your money in the Brother 1034D serger. It offers a multitude of features for a wide range of fabrics. The serger machine has a detailed manual on how to use the machine; the sewers need to follow the instructions correctly. The Brother 1034D serger stands out in the market as it is affordable and Brother 1034D serger reviews are quite impressive.

Who is this Product For?

If you have just started sewing, then the Brother 1034D is the right pick for you. This serger machine is easy to use and is not at all complicated. If you want to learn how to operate a serger machine and get well versed with all the features of a serger machine, then Brother 1034D is a great way to start your sewing journey. It consists of a manual and video in the package. The manual entails all the relevant information a sewer needs to start their sewing chores. It will speed up the process of your learning, and you will be aware of the product.

The Brother 1034D creates a quick threading system, and hems make this serger machine the right choice for the beginners or experienced sewers. Before venturing into sewing with Brother 1034D, we will recommend that you read the manual correctly. This serger machine has pre-threaded, and the color-coding makes it easier for the sewers.

What’s Included in this Serger Machine?

  • This serger machine has a removable free arm.
  • It comes with 22 built-in stitch functions and 3-4 thread overlock.
  • This machine has a differential fabric feed which improves the stitching quality.
  • It also has an adjustable stitch width between 3mm and 7mm.
  • This serger has on and off knife feature.

The above are some of the useful features which come with this machine. For an affordable serger machine, the Brother 1034D consists of plenty of features.

Overview of Features

Brother 1034d Serger Review

  • The Differential Feed

The sewers can achieve high-quality finishing with the differential feed feature as it helps to avoid sloppy stitches and makes it easier to adjust the tension in the fabric entirely. However, it is recommended that you test a small patch of the fabric to optimize the tension settings. You can achieve the perfect finishing on any fabric because of this feature. The differential feed is constructive on thin or knitted fabrics. The sewers do not need to buy any special needles as this serger machine uses the standard needle.

  • Knife Blade

The knife blade feature is beneficial when the sewers need to trim the edges of the fabric before you start your sewing chore. The knife’s adjustable on and off option makes it easier in pin tucking and flat locking.

  • Accessory Order Form

It is alright if you are not aware of all the features of the serger machine. Don’t panic! You don’t have to pressurize yourself in knowing all the elements at once. There are a few accessories that come with the package. It enables the sewer to enhance their skills and up their level of sewing without changing the machine. The accessories are helpful for all the users, but more for those of you who have just started sewing. The users can experiment with the accessories and create unique clothing items or home decor.

  • Versatile Stitch Options

Many of the sewers are not satisfied with just a single stitching option as we often require a wide range of stitching options to hem certain items. By using the Brother 1034D serger, the sewers can make a four-thread and third-thread overlock, a rolled hem, ribbon lock stitches, and a narrow hem. If you want to utilize further stitching options, then we suggest that you buy the right accessories to use the other three stitching options.

  • Removable Free Arm

Are you getting stressed to work on a sleeve? Worry not, with a fantastic removable free arm; the sewers can complete the work without any hassle in the Brother 1034D. You can also remove the arm from the serger as it is removable. This makes it more convenient as it becomes easier to sew cuffs. This unique feature is not available in many serger machines.

  • The Foot Pedal

With the foot pedal, it is straightforward to control the speed, and the amount of pressure you apply to the machine is controllable. It is a sign of relief for the beginners as they learn to serger more comfortably and avoid any hindrance.

What Do We Like About the Brother 1034D?

What we liked about the Brother 1034D is the fact that it is convenient to set the tension dials and this serger machine is affordable. The beginners will be thrilled in knowing that they can create professional clothing items and home decor. This serger machine is straightforward to use and learn all the features in no time.

What We Don’t Like About the Brother 1034D?

There are not many things which we can mention, but some of the users have complained about how noisy it can get. The sewers cannot do cover stitching or any chain stitching. Another thing that we don’t like about this serger is that it does not work effectively on thick materials and denim.

How to Use Brother 1034D Serger

You can use the differential feed feature to reduce the tension in the fabric and to avoid sloppy stitches. Before starting the sewing, if you want to trim the edges of the fabric, you can use the knife blade. You can also use the other accessories that come with the sewing machine by following the instructional manual to achieve a higher level of sewing.

Final Verdict

The Brother 1034D is the right choice if you are looking for a serger machine that can be used to do regular needles and spoolers. The sewers can get the perfect finishing on their clothing items as it provides a consistent thread tension and you don’t have to worry about the neatness. The Brother 1034D serger reviews are, and you should read them before buying the machine. It is one of the best serger machines in the market, and this is one of the reasons why we are recommending it.

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