About Us

I am Anthony Castillo and I run a boutique which is quite famous in my locality. I have a full team working with me and we use both serger and sewing machines at our boutique. Some of the team members are comfortable working with the advanced serger machines whereas some of them are still comfortable with the sewing machines. The serger machines feature some advanced functionality and take quite less time as compared to the other sewing machines. But, comfort comes first that’s why I never force my team members to work only with the sergers. I created my personal blog to make all of you aware of the distinct serger and sewing machines. We at our boutique have been working with the distinct models from the past many years. That’s why I have been able to pick some of the best options for you guys. All the best machines are featured in my blogs along with their complete functionality and working so that you can figure out the best one for yourself.